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Welcome to the Clarkstown Republican Party! Our goal is to advance good government through good candidates and protect the Clarkstown taxpayers. Over the past two years, our Republican Supervisor, George Hoehmann with the help of our Republican Town Councilmen, Frank Borelli and John J. Noto, Jr. have delivered on that promise. Some of their accomplishments include:

  • A property tax cut for the first time in 30 years.
  • A $4 million reduction to the Town debt.
  • The creation of the “No-Knock” law and registry.
  • Stricter code enforcement and fighting illegal housing.

The Clarkstown Republican Party and our candidates are committed to keep Clarkstown moving in the right direction. However, they cannot do it alone. Our elected officials rely on the support of our Party and the voters of Clarkstown. In order to continue their efforts, we need to (re)elect responsible Republican leadership at all levels of government. Please join us in supporting the 2017 Republican slate:

  • George Hoehmann for Clarkstown Supervisor
  • Frank Borelli for Clarkstown Town Council, Ward 1
  • Pete Bradley for Clarkstown Town Council, Ward 2
  • Adrienne Carey for Clarkstown Town Council, Ward 3
  • John J. Noto, Jr. for Clarkstown Town Council, Ward 4
  • Moria Balseca for Clarkstown Town Clerk
  • Craig Johns and Scott Ugell for Clarkstown Town Justice
  • Frank DiZenzo for Clarkstown Superintendent of Highways
  • Ed Day for Rockland County Executive
  • Michael Koplen for Rockland County Surrogate Court Judge

There is much more work to be done so please join our efforts as we gear up for 2017 elections by signing up as a volunteer, making a contribution, liking us on Facebook. If you have any questions about the Clarkstown Republican Committee, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please click here or the link on the menu for IMPORTANT primary voting information.

Upcoming Events

Craig Johns Fundraiser
Craig Johns Fundraiser
October 19, 2017
Frank Borelli Fundraiser
Frank Borelli Fundraiser
October 16, 2017
Adrienne Carey Fundraiser
Adrienne Carey Fundraiser
September 30, 2017